Arab Games Opening Ceremony


David Atkins Enterprises, an award-winning global live event and theatre production company, commissioned The Pulse to produce the projection and LED content for the opening ceremony of the 12th Arab Games in Qatar.  The aim of the event was to promote the culture and history of Qatar through a celebration of sport.


In a world first, LEDs were installed behind every seat in the stadium which, when combined with the largest stadium projection ever produced, created a completely immersive environment. Working with DAE’s creative vision, The Pulse created a 45 minute cultural show and 40 minute protocol segment. Highlights of the cultural segment included a beautiful high resolution horse and rider crafted by our 3D particle team, and a monumental battle scene which brought the audience to the climax of the show – the lighting of the cauldron.


Design and animation took place in our Sydney studio up until delivery of the final files to the playback teams in Qatar. We then had a team on site for 3 weeks of rehearsals and preparation to ensure that our content integrated seamlessly with other elements of the show.


The production schedule and the resolution of the canvas, combined with the multiple playback systems for projection and LED produced one of the greatest challenges The Pulse has ever faced. For every second of video, double the normal frames of content had to be generated to feed both systems.

Due to resolution differences between systems, a specific workflow had to be developed by our technical team to ensure that objects moving between systems maintained a consistent size and position. In the final 3 weeks of production some 450,000 files were rendered for playback. 

Still regarded as one of our greatest production achievements, it would not have been possible without the dedication and skill of our in-house technical team who developed the specific workflows to support the animation team.


The ceremony was broadcast globally and widely praised in media as the most spectacular opening ceremony for an Arab Games.  Along the way it also set the record for the largest stadium projection surface in history.