Westpac VR

The Brief

We were engaged by Westpac to produce a VR experience for their staff.  The brief was to reinforce Westpac’s positioning as a forward thinking institution committed to using new technology to enhance the customer experience.  The VR was experienced using GearVR headsets in their new Innovation Centre “The Cave” in Sydney.

The Idea

The virtual reality experience gives viewers a glimpse at the future of banking and allows them to experience technology as it applies to their customer’s needs throughout the different stages of their life.  Live action footage captured a day in the life of a family as they discussed their financial needs.

The Process

A custom drone rig was developed to capture spectacular aerial shots of Sydney.  These served as bookends to the live action footage in order to establish the virtual reality that the viewer was entering.  Hologram-like interfaces were created and composited to give the viewer a “glimpse” into the future.

Challenges & Solutions

Directing a 360 video with a linear narrative requires a different approach to traditional filmmaking as a number of techniques such as lens or frame choice, zoom and complex visible lighting cannot be used. As a result, we approached this production as we would a theatre production.

To capture the spectacular aerial shots, we developed our own drone camera rig and developed a proprietary technique for further stabilizing the footage in post production.

The Result

A VR experience was the perfect medium to illustrate to Westpac staff what the future of banking could look like. The experience was launched at Westpac’s Innovation Cave reinforcing the company’s commitment to innovation, technology and enhanced customer experience.

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