Glasgow Commonwealth Games


David Atkins Enterprises commissioned The Pulse to work with them on yet another world-first for a games Ceremony.  Artistic Director David Atkins envisioned a moving, breathing content backdrop for the Handover Ceremony at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, which featured Jessica Mauboy among other celebrities.


David Atkins employed the team at TellaVision to use their custom built hand-held LCD monitors and team of dancers to create constantly moving screen configurations which The Pulse could populate with amazing content. To add to the excitement (and complexity), David wanted the artists to interact with the screens; at one point appearing on the screens and then jumping out of them, while at another point interacting with people within the content.


The Pulse worked closely with TellaVision in California. We received footage of their rehearsals where the 18 dancers held numbered cards so that we could see how each screen travelled around the stage and in what path. We then recreated the entire travel path of all 18 monitors in a 3D simulation.

This stage was vital in preparing the content as it needed to sync with the various transitions and monitor movements. We rendered our content at each stage of production so that it could be checked on the monitors during dance rehearsals.


Aspect ratios are the one thing that are usually locked off when preparing content for any screen. On this project, the entire concept was based on constantly changing aspect ratios and the resolving of differing screen shapes.  This added a challenge to the design process as well as the animation execution.

The paintings were a result of a competition held in Queensland primary schools. The Pulse took care to rework the children’s art in the given aspect ratios without compromising the integrity of the art.

Guaranteeing synced playback on the TellaVision system required constant testing of different frame rates and output formats until seamless playback and sync was achieved.


A never before seen real-time changing of content screens featuring shot footage, motion graphics and children’s art. This colourful content added an additional element to what was a celebration of Queensland, the next host state, in song, dance, word, lazers and fireworks.