INFINITI Detroit Motor Show


To launch the INFINITI QX50 Concept at NAIAS we were commissioned to create the reveal film to showcase the new features of the vehicle together with a reveal moment to introduce the vehicle live on stage.


The INFINITI visual identity focusses on people and their lifestyles, with the INFINITI car as the co-pilot in their life. The target audience for this car lives the “slasher lifestyle”- a life that consists of multiple facets from their careers to their leisure to fulfilling their own sense of purpose. For example an architect / photographer / boxer. Therefore, our concept was to follow a male and a female ‘slasher’ through their complex & ambitious lifestyles and connect the features of the car with human senses of sight, sound & touch.

The INFINITI Autonomous Drive Pro-Pilot technology is one of the world-first features of the QX50 Concept and as this is a feature that cannot be visually seen, we designed the reveal moment to feature this technology using graphics overlayed onto a CG version of the car that matched the physical car that was driven onto the stage.


The biggest challenge in creating the reveal film to display onto the 22.0 m x 5.5 m LED screen was filming and delivering 6K imagery at 50FPS. Filming on the Red Weapon, we were able to film at full resolution for the LED, resulting in outstanding images on the screen. This was achieved with rigorous pre-shoot testing that highlighted the need to reduce fast horizontal movement of camera or subject and the use of master prime lenses without filtering or polarization. The use of slow motion was achieved in post-production.

In addition, CG at 6K/50FPS is a huge challenge when delivering the critical detail of a concept car, with outputs taking up to several days per shot.


A beautiful film that stood out at the Detroit Motor Show for its combination live action and high quality CG shots together with an integrated stage reveal moment.