Projection Mapping Qatar


The Pulse produced Projection Mapping and LED content for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2015 World Men’s Handball Championships.  The games were held in Qatar. We were commissioned by David Atkins Enterprises (DAE), an award-winning global live event and theatre production company.

The theme of the show was Unity Through Sport, and the brief was to produce content that focused on the future of the host nation’s children, covering their aspirations, education and involvement in sporting activities.


Expanding upon the live action performance and DAE’s vision, we created an LED and Projection Mapping spectacle for the Ceremonies, which also involved crowd participation.

The event was held in the newly-built Lusail Sports Arena, in the middle of the Qatari desert. And we made the entire venue come to life with 3D graphic representations of eight international sporting activities, all of which built and moved to give the illusion of perspective on the flat surface.

In addition, the audience members were given LED wristbands that included location-based, GPS technology, which created spectacular choreographed movements of light and colour through the crowd, supplementing the screen and projection mapped content.


All of the design and animation of the content took place in our Sydney studio up until delivery of the final files to the Projection Mapping teams in Qatar. From then on, we located a team onsite for eleven days of rehearsals and preparation, to ensure that our content integrated seamlessly with the rest of the show.


Because we used a variety of surfaces and screens throughout the ceremony, we had to design the content according to a variety of specifications.

We used the stadium floor, 360° ribbon screens, a five-metre LED sphere, plus a central cluster of twelve LED screens – all vastly different ways to display content, so our output specs needed to take these variations into account.

We also had to ensure that these content areas worked together seamlessly and artistically, rather than just mirroring, or clashing with one another across the arena.

Critical to our success was a workflow methodology which enabled our team to create content at high resolutions (in this case 5K) in the shortest time frame possible. It also allowed us to make quick changes and output them to the various content formats we required in a matter of minutes.


We’re happy to say that the capacity crowd went wild for the performance. It also received resounding praise from the Emir of Qatar, members of the Royal Family, Executives of the International Handball Federation, as well as international sporting media.