Telstra 360 / Virtual Reality Video


Due to our recognized expertise in using leading edge technologies to produce immersive content, The Pulse was commissioned by Red Engine to act as their technology partner in creating a virtual reality 360 video for Telstra, a leading Australian Telco.
The company’s aim was twofold:  to leverage their sporting sponsorships, and to reinforce their position as a technology leader by being the first company to create a branded virtual reality 360 video for their audience.


Telstra’s sponsorship partnerships provide customized experiences for their customers, employees and the community.

Under the theme “For the Fans”, the aim of the Telstra virtual reality 360 video experience was to place the viewer at the center of sporting action and allow them to ‘interact’ with Australian sporting stars from the worlds of soccer, AFL, netball, NRL, NFL and Ballet, as they performed their moves.


Our expertise in virtual reality coupled with our VFX workflows gave us a unique position to be able to advise Red Engine on the best ways to use VR, and best practice processes, ensuring the most positive user reaction and brand association.

Sporting greats Tim Cahill, Jarryd Hayne, Kate Moloney, Paul Gallen and Adam Goodes were filmed and composited into an immersive, custom built CG 360 environment. Each star spoke of their motivation and the personal level of commitment and effort they put in ‘for the fans’.


The pre-production process threw up various challenges. Traditional film-making techniques could not be utilized for this new medium, and extensive R&D had to be carried out to determine how to composite CG and live action elements while retaining correct perspective. An additional challenge was how to direct the viewer’s attention to particular elements of action when they have the ability to look wherever they choose. In this instance, we used sound design and a common element, “the ball”, which when passed from athlete to athlete left a particle trail for the eye to follow.


Using Samsung Gear VR technology, Telstra’s international executives were given the opportunity to preview the experience at the company’s annual TET (Telstra Executive Team) Summit and they were delighted with the result.

The Telstra virtual reality 360 video experience was launched on You Tube and was viewed over 500,000 times in the first week.