INFINITI Paris Motor Show


The Paris Motor Show is the largest exhibition in Paris dedicated to the latest cars and technologies.  Our brief was to craft a press reveal event to launch INFINITI’s new and revolutionary VC-Turbo engine at the Motor Show.


The variable compression engine transforms on demand, moving seamlessly from power mode to efficiency mode. We decided to illustrate this concept by using the metaphor of athletes and juxtaposing their different styles. We showed how a sprinter needs power to perform and how a marathon runner requires efficiency.

The engine needed to be hidden on stage and revealed at the end of the film. The Pulse worked with GPJ to create content that was played on an LED cylinder in front of the main screen which hid the engine within. The content at times blended with and at other times enhanced the content on the main LED screen.


The opening of the video required artistic shots of the athletes preparing to perform. These were achieved by filming in a studio with motion graphics projected live onto the athletes. As the film built in intensity, the athletes were filmed running in various locations around NSW. Cut throughout the film were extreme close up details of the engines various parts. These were created in CG with motion graphics overlay added in post to call out the technical details of the engine.

The technical process was an iterative one. Working with Pixway, the technical team performed multiple tests with various file formats, frame rates, pixel resolutions, etc. to ensure that the final content was made to specification, prior to installation. This enabled the creative team to focus on just the content itself when they arrived on site a week before the motor show in Paris.


The main challenge in creating the reveal video to run on a 22m x 5.5m LED screen was that it had to be filmed and delivered at 50fps and at 6K. This resolution meant the CG component required heavy render power and lots of time. The live action element meant that we had limited opportunity to play with frame rates.


A stunningly beautiful film which played flawlessly on the large LED screen, with a reveal moment that truly surprised. The client called it one of their best motor show press events ever.