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The Pulse

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The Pulse

We couldn’t have been more delighted when SBS and the Sydney Opera House invited us to create a virtual reality experience to compliment the spectacular ‘Lighting of the Sails: Songlines’ event at VividLive 2016. Curated by Rhoda Roberts, Head of Indigenous Programming at SOH, the sails proudly display the artworks of six aboriginal artists celebrating First Nations’ spirituality and culture through the songlines of our land and sky.

We designed our Virtual Reality experience around some of the ancient aboriginal concepts and unique elements within the artworks to create a dreamtime environment within the womb of the Sydney Opera House. The 4-minute film, available to visitors in the lobby concourse of the SOH, takes viewers on a guided journey through another world and another time, giving context and meaning to the artworks being projected onto the sails.

The Pulse
The Pulse