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The Pulse

The Pulse and Oracle Liquid team up to create an amazing projection, water, laser and light show. Directed by Ignatius Jones and musically directed by The Presets. Using a world first hydraulically controlled dragon head which emits water, fire and lasers to lead the show. This is accompanied by the next astonishing and technologically advanced incarnation of the much-loved multimedia water theatre, featuring four video projected water-screens, forty 20m-high vertical fountains, sixteen 25m-high moving fountains, twenty-two 15m-high flame jets, and ten powerful lasers. The Laser-Dragon Water-Theatre introduces a world-first: a water-screen mounted on a 13m robotic arm. Floating high above fifty-six fountains, arranged in snake-like coils, this moving water-screen assumes many forms, from ferocious dragons to the characters of commedia dell’arte.

The spectacle has been created by Oracle-Liquid in collaboration with Vivid Sydney, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Darling Harbour Alliance and The Pulse.

The Pulse
The Pulse